1. The Opening Shot
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    This shows that the film is for all audiences, a great way to announce the sprawling themes in the film
  2. The Entirely Black Shot
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    This starts the trailer and shows the dire situation our main protagonist, Jerry Seinfeld Bee finds himself in. It's very reminiscent of a noir film opening (noir = black).
  3. Watch out for that mouth Jerry Seinfeld Bee!
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    This shot shows the danger that Jerry Seinfeld Bee finds him through the picture. The possible consumption of JSB also symbolizes the bourgeoisie engulfing the little proletariat worker whole.
  4. A BEE?!?
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    Though the film is animated, Bee Movie captures the frantic reaction to a bee (the working class) with life like accuracy
  5. Watch out for those shoes Jerry Seinfeld bee!!
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    The military man is about to crush the poor stand up comedian insect/low class with army boots, showing the army as the powerful group.
  6. Is that God's saving hand or Renee Zellweger's?
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    This powerful hand is the one to spare this Manhattan comical bumblebee's life. Much like the hand that holds up the hammer and sickle.
  7. A free bee or a caged one?
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    Jerry Seinfeld bee is saved!! Or is he? He finds himself in a glass, a corporate cage!
  8. A moon and a mountain?
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    Don't worry, this isn't part of the movie. It's the wonderful companies that provided us with this masterpiece.
  9. Jerry Seinfeld Bee watching from a small (like a far)
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    The hidden lower class is forced to watch the glamorous life of the bourgeoisie like Jerry Seinfeld bee watches Renee from behind something tiny.
  10. Jerry Seinfeld Bee's glasses friend likes to dance
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    This shows that even the small people in society are interested in the arts, and it's not just a high class thing, like glasses bee shows us.
  11. Top Gun? More like Top Bee
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    You like action? Well Bee Movie has got it.
  12. Jerry Seinfeld bee is taunted by capitalism
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    The real enemy isn't the bees or the humans but the concept of the free market
  13. Renee and Jerry Seinfeld Bee forever
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    Look how tiny he is and how big she is, and he's on her shoulder! It calls back the romantic French new wave films.
  14. There aren't just white people in this!
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    There's also bees and this guy who is pretty much a stupid bad guy, but Bee Movie comments on the crippling racial stereotypes in film
  15. Jerry Seinfeld Bee is not happy that his juices are being put on the free market!
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    Way to exploit the worker class for their honey!
  16. Renee is speechless
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    Will we admit our own greedy nature to this funny little bee?
  17. Ray Liotta Honey? What!?
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    The capitalist regime skins the faces off of mainstream celebrities and places them on jars of honey to taunt Jerry Seinfeld Bee.
  18. Is that Matt Damon Bee or Jerry Seinfeld Bee?
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    You wouldn't be able to tell from all of the heart pounding action sequences!
  19. A prime example of geometrical filmmaking.
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    Notice the lines between Renee and Jerry Seinfeld eyes and the wonderful shape it forms and what it means for the film
  20. Famous actor Jason Alexander?!? What are you doing here?
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    This isn't the classic 90's comedy series Seinfeld, this is an analysis of the Bee Movie trailer!
  21. Playing around with the Mise-en-scéne
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    I'll just let this wonderful shot speak for itself
  22. Ooo-eeeee you better watch out everyone because Jerry Seinfeld bee is armed!
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    This film is not one to shy away from powerful violent imagery
  23. My reaction to the bee movie trailer
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    This image just captures the excitement and craziness of the film.
  24. A swashbuckling action adventure
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    Pirates of the Caribbean isn't the only movie that has nail biting sword fighting mixed in with class commentary!
  25. What are they testing? Besides my limits to see how much I can love a movie trailer!
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    See above.
  26. Has science gone too far?
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    Bee movie adds another topic to its list of controversial themes it chooses to take on.
  27. The face of a man broken by science.
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    I think it's clear to say that the film puts itself on a very anti-science stand point.
  28. Is that a plane or a bee?
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    The film plays a lot of clever tricks on this through imagery here. Isn't a plane just a man made bee?
  29. Woah woah, what happened here?
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    Just another sample of the crazy hijinks Jerry Seinfeld Bee finds himself in.
  30. Jerry Seinfeld Bee is just as curious!
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    We really see how the main character acts as an audience surrogate through this simple but elaborate shot
  31. You can't engulf the proletariat!
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    The well dressed rich man attempts to suck up the little worker, let's see what happens!
  32. hahahaha, the other man lost his hair. That's funny!
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    Wigs were always a sign of the wealthy throughout history. This man just lost his. What do you think that means?
  33. Oh no!
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    Well jeez
  34. Have a drink Comedian Bee Man, you need it after that ordeal!
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    The working class needs to relax after their hard work. But it can't be sponsored by evil corporations! There's no branding on this bee's bottle!
  35. Oh hey Renee!
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    She's in the movie!
  36. A mosquito? The blood sucking parasites of the bourgeoisie!
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    Kill it Renee! Kill it
  37. You are almost there!
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    Bash its brains in!
  38. The Bourgeoisie has been destroyed!
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    That's call for celebration!!
  39. The name of the movie
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    This informative frame tells us about the identity of the film!
  40. November, that's this month!
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    Coincidence, I think not!
  41. Mic Drop of an Ending
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    The trailer ends with a devastating cut to black that wraps up the fantastic filmmaking techniques in the trailer. Thanks for going on this journey with me! Or should I say bee!