1. David Blaine will try to see how many times he can be shot in the face by a shotgun
  2. David Blaine will live in a dmv for three years surviving only on tears and learners permits
  3. David Blaine will see how long he can watch Nyan Cat
  4. David Blaine will try to host, direct, and be the musical guest for his very own talk show airing on NBC
  5. David Blaine will try to fit and then survive in a lunchable's mini pizza container
  6. David Blaine will attempt to live with his Mother in Law while being constantly stung by poisonous hornets
  7. David Blaine will see how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop
  8. David Blaine will stand on the top of a flagpole on top of a taxi in NYC and attempt to pass the BAR exam, only studying by watching re runs of Judge Judy episodes on an old black and white TV and he has the make sure the antenna is just right so the picture will go through while only breathing through one of those silly straws