1. My cousin is in from Atlanta and I rarely get to see him so I want to hang out with him
  2. He was able to get Celtics tickets and let's just say I'm not a sports boy if you couldn't tell
  3. But I wanna hang with him as much as possible because he's the best
  4. So here we are...
  5. I don't get this sport, especially the whole foul thing
  6. I just yell when other people yell
  7. I feel like that's not good because wasn't that the mindset in nazi Germany?
  8. People are pretty mean here
  9. Some random dudes will just stand up and yell advice as if the coach will turn around and go "great advice I'll take it come down on the court and coach with me"
  10. The kid In front of me is zooming in on the dancer girls butts and then posting them to his snapchat story in his teenage horniness
  11. I think the super skinny nerdy looking security guard that's right next to me is a serial killer, getting whatever power he can in jobs like this
  12. Sports.