1. There's a guy with a patriots beanie on here, but he doesn't need to wear it anymore because we are inside
  2. The guy in front of Eric is texting someone who does not have an iPhone because he is texting in green
  3. The guy in the road behind us is a volleyball coach.
  4. Chris is sitting right next to me. He's got a beer.
  5. The guy to the left of us stood up as if he was trying to get past us in the row, and then he sat down. We were standing up to let him through and now I feel like an idiot.
  6. It's pretty cramped in here. I'm gonna get physically and emotionally close to Chris for the next two hours.
  7. Most people here have alcohol, either to be a better audience member or to wash away the sorrows of their own life. We are all hear to listen to the comedian to get away from everything for a bit, not unlike the patrons in Billy Joe's hit song Piano Man.