Reasons That Ted Cruz Is the Zodiac Killer

As Ted Cruz wins the Iowa Caucus I'd like to bring up the fact that he is the infamous serial killer, The Zodiac killer, that terrorized California in the late 60s
  1. The last plausible encounter with the Zodiac Killer was on March 22nd, 1970
  2. This gives Ted Cruz enough time to make it from the west coast of California to Alberta Canada to be officially born on December 22nd of that same year
  3. As Ted Cruz grew up in Canada he was able to continue to send letters to the the Chronicle as the Zodiac
  4. Here are some of Ted Cruz's early childhood drawings which are exactly the same as the symbols that the Zodiac sent to various newspapers
  5. This is a sketch of what the Zodiac could possibly look like
  6. Any resemblance? I think so
  7. Where's the best place to hide? In plain sight. That's why Ted Cruz is running for president: to convince the authorities that he is not the zodiac
  8. Why would his daughter not want to hug him? Because he's the Zodiac
  9. All he has to do is publicly say "I'm not the Zodiac Killer". But he hasn't, so he's clearly guilty. All he need to do is publicly state that he's not the Zodiac and I'll possibly believe him, but until he does, I say he's our guy.