Top Netflix Recommendations

  1. The Spanish language shot for shot remake of Breaking Bad, Metastasis
    You can really appreciate the genius of a show if you watch a hilarious other language carbon copy of it, complete with pizza food throwing
  2. Random episodes of Chopped while you eat poorly prepared food
    It's very important you watch this while you eat the god awful grilled cheese you made. The delicious looking good that the contestants make in 30 minutes made out of rat poison and beets.
  3. Caillou
    We are all sinners and we should all have to watch this bald headed brat as penance for our wrong doings.
  4. Kid Nation
    Well this isn't on Netflix, but every episode is on YouTube. This show shows the horrifying entertainment of Reality TV shows. It's about 40 kids that are put in the middle of nowhere and are forced to survive and act out the follies of capitalism.