1. Angelina Jolie-I feel like in a way she's a mythical goddess and hey Brad Pitt
  2. Mindy Kaling-hot,smart,woman with an ass that doesn't quit also because she's my fav
  3. James Franco-like Angelina he is a mythical God and his mind is probably like being on shrooms
  4. Barack Obama-I could be president without all the work of a campaign and it would look great on my resume
  5. Donald Trump-just so I could understand that circus show a little bit more
  6. Shonda Rhimes-I would order McDreamy back to life
  7. Patrick Dempsey-So I could accept Shonda's offer
  8. Taylor Swift-I can have a squad, famous boyfriend, and adoring fans for a day
  9. Shay Mitchell-she's my woman crush and her smokey eye is an art also I can hang out with everyone from PLL aka the hot guys