A breakdown of my Boston Globe Op-Ed: http://bit.ly/1zUIFai
  1. ISIS/ISIL/IS are all names that reflect aspirations that U.S. and allies reject
  2. Muslim scholars worldwide have denounced the group's attempt to declare a caliphate
  3. 'Daesh' strategically better because while accurate, can also be understood as a slur. BONUS: they reportedly hate the term
  4. Propaganda central to Daesh growth and influence
  5. Daesh understands war of words is just as key to their power and influence as gruesome acts they commit
  6. By using terms they want, we give them and their worldview legitimacy
  7. Ultimately this is a war of ideas not military strength
  8. Studies show thinking in a foreign language can reduce bias and prevent emotional thinking from interfering with systematic/analytical thinking
  9. France, Australia, Turkey already use the term 'Daesh'
  10. 'Daesh' is the name primarily used by people on the ground/in wider region - U.S. should lean into narrative of those we support