I live by these. No matter what. No matter where. In fact, no matter at all.
  1. A bear in the bush is worth two in the hand.
  2. No man is an island.
    This one is so true. I've tried. You can float for a maximum of 13 hours before you get tired. Plus, you're not even made of sand.
  3. The early bird and his wife get killed by the same stone.
  4. Never make a gift horse drink.
  5. You can't count your chickens without breaking a few eggs.
  6. A watched pot falls silently in the woods.
  7. If you can't beat them, do as the Romans do.
  8. The pen is mightier than the squeaky wheel.
  9. A picture is worth a free lunch.
  10. A free lunch is worth 1000 words.
  11. Beggars should write 1000 words.
  12. The eyes are the crotch of the face.