Like, sure, it's one of my favorite shows, but my goodness, there are some clunkers in its 144 episodes.
  1. Go Fish
    A season 2 offender, this episode features fish people, implied rape by said fish people and mild sexual assault of our protagonist. A loser from every angle, though I imagine that lots of people loved seeing Xander in a Speedo.
  2. Beer Bad
    My personal choice for worst episode of the series, this one features an underage Buffy drinking some beer that turns her into a Neanderthal. It's as offensive as it sounds.
  3. Where The Wild Things Are
    The one where Buffy and Riley's sex powers a haunted house, complete with implied child abuse, an entirely inconsequential plot and an antagonist who gets not a lick of comeuppance.
  4. Doublemeat Palace
    Plot aside—Buffy works in a gross fast-food restaurant that combines chicken and beef into a horrific sandwich—the real offense of this season 6 episode is that the monster of the week looks like a giant penis.
  5. Him
    This would have been an entirely inoffensive episode about a letterman's jacket that causes people to fall in love with its wearer if it had come early in Buffy's run, but by season 7, the show had moved beyond these trite and non-impactful episodes, so it stands out as a tremendous regression.