1. Elaine Benes always. The fluffy, curly hair and disdain for most humans😏
  2. Rizzo. I too made some questionable choices when I was young. But goddamn she is the best woman in Grease by far! Love her, love her attitude, agree with her feelings about Sandy- so annoying!😊
  3. My inspiration 😍 I've watched every episode of The Mindy Project so many times that I now speak like her!
  4. Felicity
    A little bit her hair, but mostly that she gets swept up in her choices (or lack of them). Though I have to say that I never saw the Ben thing. It was always Noel for me. (For non-fans: Ben's the blond, Noel the brunette).
    Suggested by @cordeliane
  5. Ripley from Alien 👽
    Dedicated, hard working, will lead when necessary, single minded. Reasonable fear to danger but not overwhelmed to impair action. Curly haired, likes cats. Occasional smartass.
    Suggested by @angela3950
  6. Margot Tenenbaum. While I am way more positive than Margot, I just adore her style, her coolness, her independence and her general demeanour😊
    And I love her love for Richie!