So I'm a big David Lynch fan and loved old Twin Peaks. I've dived into the first few episodes of this new remake and I need to debrief! Liking it but so confused🙃 also I am realising I possibly should have done a comprehensive rewatch of the old seasons... think I might be missing stuff...
  1. Would love to hear your thoughts. Theories. Anything!
  2. The slow pace can be frustrating (get Coop back to Twin Peaks already!!) but honestly I've loved every second of it. There's some Eraserhead level insanity that makes the first two seasons seem normal. I love Michael Cera's Brando impression and all the Dr. Jacoby scenes! But seriously wtf is happening 😂 I'm impatiently waiting for Laura Dern
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  3. Slowly catching up, just finished ep 7. Kyle M is blowing my mind. Also loving the casting!
    Really interesting thus far; I love that it's a fully-fleshed out story that feels like it has lots of tangents
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  4. Is it weird that Candie is one of my favorite characters?
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  5. 😫😫Roach-frog😫😫
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