Thanks @lucas for the great idea! I love it when a song can evoke such strong memories. Not in chronological order, just as inspiration hits. Ok, this is really going to get deep...
  1. β€’
    Scarlet Begonias- Sublime
    17. First boyfriend. First real love and first time spent lying on the couch for hours on end taking, holding hands and listening to music. He was a blonde surfer boy who introduced me to Sublime. Was a great year of parties and fun!
  2. β€’
    Romeo and Juliet- Dire Straits
    Same boyfriend as above, but as it got more intense. That feeling when you love someone much it hurts. He used to play this song for me. I really don't miss the pain and intensity of young love!❀
  3. β€’
    Wannabe- Spice Girls
    Dancing in my friends living room with the 6 girls I grew up with. We were 13 and had the absolute best time. My memory is pretty bad but I can vividly picture us jumping around singing every word to this bloody song!😊
  4. β€’
    Silhouettic and Broken Bones- Birds of Tokyo
    The moment when I realised I had become a part of what would continue to be my group of adult best friends. Not the kids I grew up with, but people I chose to like and love. A five car road trip down the east coast of Australia, stopping along the way for ridiculous adventures, and culminating in the pyramid rock festival. Birds of Tokyo played on NYE and I remember being crammed into the mosh with my 15 best friends, arms around each other, singing every word at the top of our lungs.
  5. β€’
    Whole Frogstomp album by Silverchair
    Moody teenager in love with Daniel Johns. That is all.
  6. β€’
    Diamond Sea- Sonic Youth
    Not one specific memory associated with this song, but teenage me loved it. So moody☺
  7. β€’
    My Prerogative-Bobby Brown
    Me doing my one and only attempt at Karaoke with rap included. πŸ†Wouldn't have had the nerve but was in Hawaii-no hometown witnesses πŸ˜‰
    Suggested by @angela3950
  8. β€’
    Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by The Police
    When I hear this I'm transported to my 1964 VW Bug driving US 101 north out of Santa Rosa Calif in a February rain in 1982 headed to visit my then first serious girlfriend.
    Suggested by @andersun
  9. β€’
    Hurt by johnny cash
    Suggested by @bsizzle33
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    Rattlesnakes by Lloyd Cole and the Commotion
    Hearing this now reminds me of (repeatedly) driving to San Diego's Ocean Beach in summer 1987 with my then girlfriend/future wife in her Toyota, where the cassette tape lived all summer, to walk in the sand together and hold hands while watching the sun set over the Pacific.
    Suggested by @andersun
  11. β€’
    Beat it~takes me back to my college @clubbing" days and dance-offs!
    Suggested by @cvlop61
  12. β€’
    Country Grammar- Nelly
    This takes me straight back to high school dances and driving the mean streets of Evansville Indiana with my bff.
    Suggested by @ashleyanwiler
  13. β€’
    The Beatles - "Birthday"
    When I was little my dad would wake us up on our birthdays by BLARING this song through the house! It was thrilling when we were young and annoying as f*** when we were teenagers (but secretly nice πŸ˜‰)
    Suggested by @sarahsolene
  14. β€’
    So Far Sway from Me by Dire Straits
    Driving from the beach to Columbia South Carolina with my BFF after just too much weekend. I was so glad the weekend was getting further and further away from the both of us.
    Suggested by @pathb
  15. β€’
    Georgia on my mind
    June of 2004, Ray Charles dies and this song is everywhere for a few days that should've been the final straw. They weren't, but this song always reminds me of the road I should've taken RIGHT THEN. πŸ‘
    Suggested by @jennifergster
  16. β€’
    We listened to this song when adopting Owen 10 years ago. The words were perfect for our situations-"I don't regret this life I chose for me."
    Suggested by @MaddyandOwensMom
  17. β€’
    "Blue" Joni Mitchell's 4th album from 1971
    This album was released after I broke up with my first boyfriend. I proceeded to wear this record out while healing my broken heart πŸ’”
    Suggested by @BlueSeaGlass
  18. β€’
    I dare you to listen to this and not time hop!.. and head bop! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ’‹βœ¨πŸŽΆ
    Suggested by @jessicaz
  19. β€’
    a classic that always makes me think of my season of watching SIS and hoping for serendipity lolll
    Suggested by @nikkilounoel
  20. β€’
    In the Air Tonight - Genesis (Phil Collins)
    I would play this song every weekend night in high school while getting ready in my room before going out to a club with friends. It always made me feel like *that* would be the night something crazy would happen: like falling in love or kissing a cute boy. Mostly the kissing thing. The embarrassing thing is that I would always do the air drum solo (I have no idea how to play drums). But that song has the best build up/release of any song I know. Thanks for the ask, @angela3950!
    Suggested by @cordeliane