My Favorite Television Lawyers

Limiting it to lawyers who practice law for a substantial portion of their time on the show, eliminating Sandy Cohen on the OC and Jeff Winger on Community
  1. Saul Goodman/James McGill from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul
  2. Dan Fielding from Night Court
  3. Johnnie Cochran on the People vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story
  4. Clair Kincaid on Law & Order
  5. Jack McCoy on Law & Order
  6. Theodore Hoffman on Murder One
  7. Patty Hewes on Damages
  8. Ellen Parsons on Damages
  9. Jackie Chiles on Seinfeld
  10. Harvey Specter on Suits
  11. Ally McBeal on Ally McBeal
  12. Ben Matlock on Matlock
  13. Lionel Hutz on the Simpsons