After FourFiveSeconds and All Day it was hard to know what to expect. Pretty hit + miss. Seems more like a collection of singles than an album. Lots of songs that can be deleted immediately + lots of songs that will be played in heavy rotation. Way less abrasive and aggressive than Yeezus. I'll be buying the physical album once released. 7/10
  1. Ultralight Beam
    well he did promise that this was going to be a gospel album... It is slick and catchy. But I wanted a rap album not gospel. And while Chance the Rappers verse is pretty sweet, I'm pretty sure his daughter doesn't look like Sia. Saved by Kanye though?
  2. Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1
    "Now if I fucked this model. And she just bleached her asshole. And I get bleach on my tshirt. I'm a feel like an asshole" pretty sure that is the first gospel song about bleaching assholes... hopefully this album picks up... It is an auspicious start... I have faith. In Kanye we trust.
  3. Pt. 2
    This is starting to get a bit better. Less gospel more rap. Though starting to get worried that Rhymefest was right that he needs to stop listening to sycophants.
  4. Famous
    Adding Rihanna to anything is never a bad idea! Narcissistic and sexist lyrics about Talyor Swift? Could probably have toned it down a bit, though it wouldn't make it Kanye. This is clearly the standout track so far. Much better than the first three.
  5. Feedback
    This track wouldn't have been out of place on Yeezus. This is a great song. "Eh you heard about the good news? Y'all sleeping on me huh had a good snooze?" This is an awesome line but positioning himself as the underdog is a bit preposterous. Regardless this is a classic Kanye track. And he will remind you of that many times. "PETA mad cuz I made a jacket out of possum. Awesome. Steve jobs mixed with Steve Austin!" This is solid stuff.
  6. Low Lights
    What the fuck am I listening to... Why... Who told him that keeping this on the album was a good idea?
  7. Highlights
    This started off pretty good. Felt familiar and beautiful. Then, "I bet me and Ray J would be friends if we ain't in love with the same bitch. You might have hit it first, only problem is I'm rich uhh." I think Kanye is working through some shit on this album. Not all of it is healthy. I'm also pretty sure comparing the Kardashians to the Jacksons is laughable. Not that the Jacksons are necessarily the ideal family one would want to be like. Solid song.
  8. Freestyle 4
    Word association or stream of consciousness? Either way sounds incomplete.
  9. I Love Kanye
    The most tongue in cheek and honest song about Kanye's favorite subject and I kind of like it.
  10. Waves
    This had a strong start and really cool feel to it. But it seemed like it was building up to something more with no big payoff. But I still dig it.
  11. FML
    Great fucking song. Even with the last 60 seconds.
  12. Real Friends
    One of Kanye's most relatable songs. Especially for a mid 30s working father.
  13. Wolves
    Fifth song in a row I could listen to over and over. This is strong second half. Love this shit.
  14. Silver Surfer Intermission
  15. 30 Hours
    Coming out of the gate fast and strong. Good autobiographical verses. "I guess a blowjob is better than no job." Lol
  16. No More Parties in LA
    Instant hit. Classic Kanye. Could listen to this over an over again.
  17. Facts (Charlie Heat Version)
    Finally another abrasive/aggressive track from Yeezy! After a very rocky start this album is ending strong.
  18. Fade
    Another strong song. Not sure if it is a closing track but it is has a great vibe. After a really shitty beginning this album delivered.