Yo I am like unofficially done with this semester and I have a lot of thoughts abt this
  1. I'M DONE!!!!
  2. technically I still have to hand in the final paper that I just finished writing
    first step: print it
  4. Which means this terrible, awful, no good, very bad semester is basically over
  5. Best feeling ever
  6. Will I pass all of my classes?
    Who knows
  7. Did all of my professors hate me?
  8. Did I turn every assignment in though?!
    You bet your ass I did...even if they were late
  9. Can we just talk about how happy I am to not have to take another exam for a long time
  10. Also I redownloaded Twitter as a reward and BOY did I miss it!
    But I also felt v overwhelmed by everything I missed
  11. But I'm glad to be done with schoolwork for this semseter
  12. It's over 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
  13. I mean I still have four days of check outs
  14. But that's easy!
  15. And now I can catch up on podcasts!!
    Two weeks without headphones = falling out of the listening habit, apparently
  16. I am happy
  17. But also I definitely think I'm getting sick??
    Do you ever just sneeze and just KNOW instantly that you're sick???
  18. Who cares!
  19. I'm done!
  20. This awful semester is pretty much down in the history books and I can move on with my life
  21. Let the relaxing begin!