I work at the Writing Center at my university and they have all these books in our break room and I asked my boss if they were just there for reference and he said they got donated a few years ago, so we could have them. We all cleaned up. Shortly after, I found out there were more books in the professors lounge. Here's what I got.
  1. The Gentle Subversive: Rachel Carson, Silent Spring, and the Rise of the Environmental Movement by Mara Hamilton Lytle
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    I don't really remember what this is about, but it looked cool and I like the title.
  2. Annihilation | Jeff Vandermeer
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    Don't entirely remember everything about this one either, but I know it was like a dystopian with all female characters or something?? I don't know, sounded cool.
  3. Freedom In Education | Elizabeth Byrne Ferm
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    So I found all these like radical education reform books from the 70s and I'm pretty happy about them. This is one of them!
  4. Deschooling Society | Ivan Illich
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    Another old school education reform book.
  5. Teaching as a Subversive Activity | Postman & Weingartner
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    This book is kinda broken in and has that wonderful old book smell. I love old books.
  6. Radical School Reform | Gross
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    This book is pretty big, and I think it'll be cool.
  7. In Short | Kitchen & Jones
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    I like the idea of some short nonfiction pieces. Haven't cracked this open yet because it's pretty big too, but I think it'll be good.
  8. The End of Education | Neil Postman
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    The last school reform book I got. Just thinking about the title gets me excited.
  9. Listening Is an Act of Love: A Celebration of American Life from the StoryCorps Project | Dave Isay
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    StoryCorps is such a cool project and I love their premise. And I love the title because it's so true. I'm stoked to read this. It also makes me want to read The Moth book.
  10. Dharma Gaia: A Harvest of Essays in Buddhism and Ecology | Badiner
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    I went through a brief phase of interest in Buddhism (still think it's super cool) and the flower child inside of me insisted I take this book home.
  11. The Balance Within: The Science Connecting Health and Emotions | Sternberg
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    I have a lot of feelings and I feel them very intensely and this book seemed really cool. Then I saw that it was recommended on Brain Pickings and I was like HUZZAH so now I'm extra pumped about it.
  12. 30-Second Theories: The 50 most thought provoking theories in science, each explained in half a minute | Paul Parsons
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    This seemed like a great book to have around to quench my ever growing thirst to know more about science. Definitely not a book to read cover to cover, but valuable nonetheless.
  13. Art, Culture, and Ethnicity | NAEA
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    So I low key want to know everything there is to know about art history and want to work at a museum, but I did not know this until earlier this year/recently. So when I was presented with the opportunity to snag art books, I leaped.
  14. The Visual Dialogue: An Introduction to the Appreciation of Art| Nathan Knobler
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    This was the first art book I saw and I flipped. It was like, I had been wanting art textbooks but they're so expensive, how could I justify it? But then I found this book! And it's from the sixties! And it used to be in the library! Swoon.
  15. The Visual Dialogue (Second Edition) | Nathan Knobler
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    How much of a difference is there between the first and second edition of a textbook? I don't know and I don't care. I saw it and was like "MUST GET ALL THE ART TEXTBOOKS!!!" No regrets.
  16. Artforms (Second edition) | Duane & Sarah Preble
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    This textbook from '78 doesn't have a cover or a dust jacket, but I love it. Another wonderful former library dwelling art textbook.