Tbh I'm trying to convince myself that I'm capable of getting a Bachelor's, I can't even fathom a Master's let alone a Doctorate. But the world is endlessly fascinating and I love learning so here are some degrees that would be kick ass.
  1. Master of Arts in Children's Literature
    Okay so this is on my list of "Actual Options For Masters When I Convince Myself I'm Capable" bc I made a joke my senior year of high school that I'd only get a Master's in children's literature bc I love it and it's relevant to my field (yeah, education!) and then I found out it's a real option. Would def consider actually pursuing this.
  2. Master of Arts in Museum Studies
    Another on the "Actual Options For Masters When I Convince Myself I'm Capable" list. Getting this degree would kind of be my official foray out of the public education system, but a career in museums is like everything I want out of life right now so...I think by the time I'm done teaching I'd be ready for it.
  3. Master of Science in Library (and Information) Science
    My friend is pursuing this degree and I think it's super cool and interesting so I'll probably just read everything she gets assigned and call it a day.
  4. Bachelor of Arts in Art History
    If you haven't figured it out yet, liberal studies is kinda my jam. Would love to have a formal degree in art history, not only would it be good for museum things, but it'd also be great for life in general. Ugh, jealous of all art history majors tbh.
  5. Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology
    For real doe, I'm all about #museumlife. Also artifacts are cool and sociology plays a big role in anthro, so it'd be a good time no matter what.
  6. Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art and Design Education
    Just found this on the Pratt website and it sounds AMAZING. There's so much studio time and then history and literary and critical studies classes, like dang.
  7. Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies
    Since coming to New York I am fascinated by urban areas and Jane Jacobs' "The Death and Life of Great American Cities" has been on my list since freshman year. Classes listed for this degree: Urban Issues: Poverty and Affluence, Making the City Work: Delivering Public Services, Urban Subcultures and Lifestyles, Social Welfare Policy, Women and Health, Community Organization and Advocacy, and SO MANY MORE. Honestly, the people who are getting this degree rn are so cool.
  8. Bachelor of Science in Nutrition
    I'm v interested in food and eating healthy (even if I don't live that most of the time 🙊) and it'd be cool to get a formal education in this. Like, who doesn't want to study food and how it affects your body?
  9. There are lots of things I would want to minor in, or just take classes in, but that's a whole different list.
  10. Needless to say, college is cool, education is cool, and the world is full of vast opportunities.