I am a very intense and obsessive person. When I like something, I go all in. Here is a sampling of some of my past interests.
  1. Horses
    Okay, I get the most shit from my friends for this one bc I went in a lil too deep. One of my friends in middle school had horses and I would go hangout with her and help clean the stalls and she convinced me to join this horse book club and they'd mail you two books and a bunch of cool stuff so the books started piling up and then she gave me all of her old ones and that's the story of how one summer I read 52 books about horses.
  2. Stationery
    I've fallen into too many niche areas of stationery over the course of my life, but needless to say, I still love looking at fountain pen ink color swatches.
  3. Supernatural
    Tumblr was always talking about it so I gave it a whirl before I started my senior year of high school. The obsession really only lasted a little ways into my freshman year of college, because I didn't like the direction the show was going in. The first two seasons were A+ tho
  4. Snail mail
    Sort of connected to the stationery thing. Sometime at the beginning of high school I discovered mail art and Postcrossing and went in real deep. I still have mad love for snail mail, even though I don't send nearly as much as I should/want to.
  5. Doctor Who
    This show will always represent the summer before my senior year, as well as my whole actual senior year. It made (and still makes) me feel a lot of things, but I'll save that for another time. Gave a speech about the aliens of the show for a competition when I was in speech and debate, and wrote a graduation speech centered around how much it means to me. I do not watch anymore bc Moffatt is the worst show runner and Capaldi just doesn't work for me. I miss it.
  6. Ghost Adventures
    My junior year of high school obsession. The summer before (summer is a crucial time for my obsessions to grow, apparently) my dad showed me this show and I was instantly hooked. Aaron is still my favorite. I devoted entirely too much of my time to this show and the people in it, but man was I stoked when I met them.
  7. John Green
    Junior year, had the best reading year of my life thus far, loved everything he wrote. Found VlogBrothers and loved everything he said. Less rabid now, will be a fan girl for him until I die, probably.
  8. The Great Gatsby
    Favorite book I read sophomore year of high school. Fell in love with F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald and had my English teacher call me "Gatsby's girl." Will love this book forever. Also, the source of my name on all social media accounts.
  9. Typewriters
    Probably one of the briefest obsessions listed here. Sometime early in high school I got real into them. I found a vintage manual at a thrift store and snatched that up real quick, and then one of my mom's friends gave me her old electronic one.
  10. Patriotism
    My life has basically always been saturated by the military bc my mom was in the Army pretty much my whole life, and those years, up to like the age of 14 I went SO HARD for all things patriotic.
  11. Cupcakes
    Freshman year of high school I convinced myself that I would be a cupcake connoisseur but mostly I just made Kool-aid cupcakes, which are maybe only good when you're 15
  12. Church
    Arguably the most cringeworthy phase of my life, but only lasted during middle school and faded away by the time I finished my freshman year of high school. I spent way too much time there, went to a Valentine's Day event where they told us Jesus was our Valentine, and owned a Jesus belt and a shirt that said "I'm friends with Jesus!" in the style of Facebook. I disgust myself 🙈
  13. Rocks
    Ooh, finally an early phase! Back in elementary school I was real into rocks. They were everywhere and I actually collected them in my room. I think I might still own some of the manuals/field guides for identifying rocks.
  14. The Avengers
    Went real hard for this after the movie came out and lasted into my sophomore year of college. I made my mom and friend buy me the Marvel Encyclopedia for my birthday. Also, cried in front of a display TV in a department store when they were playing it bc nerd emotions.
  15. Fight Club
    Ugh. This movie is great, I still love it, but junior year of high school was rough and I hated everyone and I was basically a misunderstood teenage boy.
  16. American Psycho
    Another junior year misanthrope pick. Loved walking through the hallway and quoting this movie to people when they wouldn't move out of my way. Baby Christian Bale is a babe, I still stand by that.
  17. Twilight
    Yikes. Eighth grade was a rough one. Lost interest after the first movie came out and everyone liked it and started reading the books.
  18. Big Steppin
    So this is a thing/life philosophy that one of the guys on Ghost Adventures has and I really liked doing it wherever. Hard to explain but it's basically just exaggerated walking.
  19. Witch/paganism
    When I was in like fifth grade, I was so convinced that I could be a witch. One time at a sleepover we cast love spells on our crushes. There were no results.
  20. Dubstep
    Another junior year "I hate everyone" choice. V useful in blocking out the sound of all of the middle schoolers on the bus.
  21. Wreck This Journal
    Took this everywhere with me my sophomore year, but I still haven't finished it because every time I did something I hated it and then didn't want to do anything else. I want to try and get back into Keri Smith books tho
  22. Operation Beautiful
    Mm, I think this was during my sophomore or freshman year of high school. Basically a project to spread joy and positivity through post-its. It was sweet.
  23. Converse
    Very into these in middle school. Really wanted the glow in the dark ones.
  24. Neon
    For whatever reason, when I was in the eighth grade I thought it'd be a BLAST to be a raver bc I liked glow sticks and neon but I didn't know about the drugs, so
  25. CSI/Forensic Science
    I probably watched way too much CSI for a 12 year old, but what are ya gonna do. Got a forensic kit for kids for Christmas and tried to fingerprint a glass. Mostly I just got the dust everywhere and my mom got mad at me.
  26. Scooby Doo
    Man, when I was a kid I loved the TV show, the movies, the stuffed animals, and my mom even got me this boxed set of solve the mystery books that she would read to me at night time. Good memories.
  27. Penguins
    Oof, all I can think about is when I did a report in elementary school on them and it was a mess. Also I collected as many stuffed animals as possible.
  28. Soccer
    YIKES. I convinced myself I was good at this in middle school, even though I refused to practice. I have no clue why my mom paid three summers in a row for a fancy weeklong summer camp when I was the worst. Everyone hated me because I refused to do headers and was v stubborn about everything. Organized sports are not for me.
  29. Polyvore
    Dang, I really liked this website during my freshman year of high school, even though I sucked at it and never used it the way you were supposed to.
  30. Sustainability
    Freshman year of college got very into Eco stuff, and last spring read a book about garbage and wouldn't shut up about it for like two months.
  31. Online dress up games
    This was in middle school, I think. I always have myself either jet black hair or red hair. Good time waster.
  32. Craftster
    Freshman year of high school I was real into seeing all of the cool stuff people made and convincing myself I was on their level even though I definitely was not anywhere near it.
  33. Michael Jackson
    After he died I went in and devoted basically all of my time to listening to all of his music. On the desktop computer at home there's definitely a video of me terribly singing The Way You Make Me Feel, yikes.