That's what best friends are for, right? (Love ya, @catdrake10)
  1. She always points out my flaws
    GOD MOM, stop asking if you can get rid of all of my blackheads, you're so violent!!!
  2. She is so STUBBORN
    My way or the highway is not a joke with her
  3. She is so weird about clothes
    One time we got into a fight because we were both wearing striped shirts and we couldn't leave until one of us changed.
  4. She's like the Energizer bunny
    You haven't lived until you've seen her run down the streets of Manhattan screaming "GO PACK GO!" at passers by
  5. She's dramatic
    One time she had a bad day and didn't want to be on campus anymore and we were planning on going to a candy store but it closed so she was like "If you don't find something for us to do in 5 minutes I'm gonna be a bitch." Then she immediately started slamming all of her dresser drawers, sighing, and throwing clothes around the room.
  6. She makes so many jokes about me
    I am a poor sensitive soul and she loves taking advantage of that
  7. Her moan
    She does it in her sleep sometimes and also one time I heard it more than I will ever need to hear one person moan for the rest of my life
  8. "I'm not drunk, I'm just excited!!"
    😒 Every time, dude, every time.
  9. How much more outdoorsy she is than me
    It's like, I have all these ideas of what I want to do and be, but she actually lives them. What a jerk.
  10. She doesn't give herself enough credit
    Seriously, Catie is one of the most dedicated, driven, hard working people I know and she never believes how great at everything she is when she SHOULD!!! She's gonna take over the world some day and I'm here for it.