Sometimes I convince myself having friends is too much work, but then I hang out with or talk to my amazing friends and they remind me why human companionship is a worthwhile endeavor. A gushy list bc 1 AM
  1. Having people that accept you for who you are is dope
  2. Human interaction isn't always terrible
  3. Talking about crushes never gets old and is never not satisfying
  4. You learn so much about people
  5. Loving people is fun
  6. Who else tolerates your long rambly texts about nothing/everything/your crush?
  7. They keep you honest and humble
  8. Rooting for other people's success is a cool feeling
  9. You don't have to explain yourself to them, they get you
  10. Inside jokes
    #SixPackSteve #BourbonEnthusiast
  11. They let you come to their house for Thanksgiving even tho you're a vegetarian
  12. They make you a better person
  13. They make you laugh a lot and make you feel loved