I spend way too much time just going back and rewatching Parks and Rec or Pushing Daisies tbh
  1. Jessica Jones
    Most recent start, so I guess I haven't given myself enough time to finish it, but I like it so far
  2. Call the Midwife
    Started this last winter break and enjoyed it but got sidetracked by Community (which I finished)
  3. The X-Files
    Another last winter break start, but couldn't find a groove. Will definitely finish this eventually
  4. 30 Rock
    Started this forever ago and the pace was weird for me. Also I don't think I'm a big enough Tina Fey fan to really get into it tbh
  5. Twin Peaks
    This seems like a real cool show and Ben Wyatt loves it so I am currently watching and intend to finish this before the semester starts