My mother taught me well
  1. So I have this thing where I get all kinds of anxious before a flight
  2. I travel a lot back and forth from school and home, so you'd think it'd go away by now, but alas I am not that lucky
  3. It really only sets in like shortly before I'm supposed to leave
  4. Which is the first point of anxiety
    How early is too early??
  5. I have to account for lots of things, you never know what could happen
    The bus could take forever getting there, the bus could break down on the way there, the air train always takes FOREVER to get to my terminal, what if the air train is broken?, what about security lines?! Those are always awful
  6. I always take the bus because I know it will take me to the air train
  7. I like the air train because I know it takes me all the way to my terminal
  8. I try to never check a bag if I can help it because I do not need that added stress
    First of all, the lines are always awful, second it's so expensive, and third and most importantly: what if they LOSE it?! One time I had a bag checked at the gate when I was boarding and in my head I was screaming at them not to lose my bag because I had library books in there. (No, it did not occur to me in the heat of the moment to just take the books out to be safe)
  9. Security lines at JFK are always insane. Always.
  10. Also even though it's a wreck I try to stay loyal to JFK bc it's easy to get there and I got stranded at LGA once, but that's a story for another list
  11. But the thing is, once I go through security I'm good
  12. My airport anxiety ends there
    It's all about the lead up to it!
  13. Once I get to my gate I straight chill until I get to my destination
  14. And I'm the type of person that would rather sit at the gate for two hours before the flight
    Because at least if everything goes to shit around me, I know I did my job and made it there safely
  15. So now I'm worried about my flight home
    It's at 7:30 AM on Christmas Day
  16. I hear that Christmas Day is not a popular travel day, so it should be less crowded right?
    But my mom said it should be busy so I'm it a busy travel day or nah?
  17. The buses are running on a special holiday schedule and I don't know what time they'll be there
    And I won't know the holiday times until I get to the bus stop, which is right outside of my school, luckily
  18. I could take a cab but I always forget they exist and it seems like so much work
  19. Will the air train take forever to get to my terminal?
    What even terminal am I going to? I should def look that up
  20. Will security lines be long?
    Also my mom said security might hassle me with my wrapped gifts but like...they're books...that's it
  21. So many questions
  22. I was thinking of leaving at 5:30 but my mom said I should leave around four
    So I'll just do that and make sure I have a book with me (obvi)
  23. The worst part is that I'm flying American Airlines and I hate them
    I probably shouldn't have as strong opinions about them since they haven't really done anything terribly wrong to me personally, but they annoy me. But I didn't want to inconvenience my mom since they had the cheapest ticket so whatever at least I have a window seat this time #nocartinjuries #norandompeoplehittingmeastheywalktothebathroom
  24. So to my airport anxiety:
    We're leaving at 4, taking the bus, hoping they run that early, and hoping for the best. We got this.