I have owned the bumble bee for 6 years and love her. I plan on getting a newer model in the next year or two.
  1. You always feel like smiling when you first get in. You just can't help it.
  2. Everyone loves to comment
    I get at least one a day. Even if it is just a thumbs up
  3. You recognise other Smarts in town
    I can describe most of the drivers in the area
  4. You can park anywhere
  5. Everyone thinks you are crazy to drive one because it's "so dangerous"
    It really isn't. No more than other cars.
  6. You hear the same jokes
    Is it run by squirrels? It's like a go cart/golf cart. I bet I can run faster then you can drive it
  7. The gas mileage isn't as great as you might think
    Or I have a lead foot