1. She is always late for my appointment
    I blame the other clients who talk too damn much. They obviously are selfish shits.
  2. The music sucks
    One out of a hundred songs is decent. Mostly it's crappy pop that makes me want to smash the player.
  3. All they have is water and coffee.
    There used to be sodas but the adhd kids ruined it for everyone. Well,their parents did by not saying no. As for the coffee. Well I'm a tea drinker. Buy a damn kuerig already. That will make everyone happy. Or at least me
  4. The receptionists are really nice.
  5. There are always magazines
    I never read magazines except in offices and this place has a good selection.
  6. Thank god for cell phones
    I would be so bored otherwise.
  7. And lastly, I should not have been able to finish this list before she called me in.
  8. Oh wait one more. She is the best so I rarely mind the wait. And after this many years I expect it anyway.