If and when
  1. How to be a B+(ish) medical student while watching all 7 seasons of The West Wing
    In less than two months. Also: The Wire, Silicon Valley, Veep, The Office, 30 Rock (x3), Breaking Bad
  2. A small sampling of social media sites I am not a part of
    Because of active resistance, passive disinterest, or a complete lack of understanding
  3. The unique smugness of growing up in the third world
    It's not all bad
  4. Stages of developing a fast-tracked obsession with Li.st
    It ain't pretty, but neither is the looming burden of responsibilities you are trying to avoid
  5. Study Tools to Keep You Going
    Utility + aesthetics+ low key desperation
  6. These hyper-intelligent, overgrown toddlers will be in charge of your life
    Observations about medical school
  7. Articles that have shaped, inspired, and informed my most strongly held opinions
    Unsolicited or otherwise
  8. But actually though: Top Chicago Desserts
    By neighborhood, subtype, mood, weather, dietary restrictions, and star sign
  9. Health Competence 100
    How and where to find reliable, safe, and empowering health advice
  10. Loitering in Chicago Coffee Shops
    An expert's guide, and my autobiography
  11. Dogs: My unhealthy, unfulfilled obsession
    Including all my favorite dog media
  12. Why old people are my favorite type of people
    Aside from dogs
  13. Am I inadvertently making a table of contents?