Stages of developing a fast-tracked obsession with

  1. Watch The Office
    In ten minute bursts, as part of your pomodoro-style studying method, which has been mostly effective until you discovered
  2. Develop a fascination with Kelly and Ryan's relationship
    Hilarious in a fictional office, highly concerning in real life
  3. Look up @mindy's twitter, find her page
    Agree with a lot of things on her list of nice surprises, make note of her skin care recs. Dream of the day when you can have a skin care regimen not sponsored by Walgreens. (Like, actual Walgreens-brand products, not just stuff bought in Walgreens)
  4. Look up other celebrities' page ( @bjnovak, @lenadunham), enjoy how relatable they are
    Remind yourself that they aren't
  5. Look up things that you're interested in
    Chicago ( @sarahgorman), medicine ( @carolinelouise, @TT), pith+sass
  6. Have fun
    Important: do this until 2 a.m., otherwise this becomes a normal interest instead of an unhealthy fixation
  7. Think, as you often do: Man, I'd love to do this when I have time
  8. Accidentally find inspiration for a list, write it, publish it
    Make sure it's past 2, and that you initially planned to wake up at 6:30. AM.
  9. Wake up to people liking your lists
    Enjoy the minor, fleeting validation
  10. Muster up some self control and study for your medical boards, which are VERY IMPORTANT DUDE, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE
  11. Compulsively keep checking list anyway
  12. Give in, decide to make another list just to get it out of your system
    That's how that works right?
  13. Question if it is poor form to just randomly tag people
    But they said build a community, so hey
  14. Finish your second list, make iron clad resolution to minimize checking app so you can focus on studying for the exam that is a pretty important determinant of your future
  15. Realize that this is probably futile, pat yourself on the back for trying
    You're probably too exhausted to fight this
  16. TBD - Will likely just lean into it