Champions hit the road
  1. Dill Pickle Sunflower Seeds
    To be fair, this belongs on ALL Roadtrips
  2. AdvoCare Spark
    (see above)
  3. Two parts sarcasm
    with a dash of eye rolling
  4. Random mutterings from the four year old in the back
  5. Small bladders
    time to stop again?!
  6. Theme songs!
    🎶 Brother and Sister, Adventure 🎶
  7. Extra cash for bail?
  8. Plenty of time on a weekday
  9. Definitely not an updated GPS
    Who needs that
  10. The Oklahoma TERRORIST museum?!?!
    That's not what the Oklahoma Territorial Museum sign says, Sister!
  11. Ability to read road signs
    (see above)
  12. Another bag of Dill Pickle Sunflower Seeds
  13. Random side roadtrip to avoid construction
    Guthrie, OK is pretty A-OK in my book
  14. Knee-slapping Country music 🎶
    Louisiana Saturday Night, indeed
  15. Hello Golf Land, USA!