A li.stroduction

  1. I'm Nadine
    33, Aries, jaded old raver
  2. I was raised in various cities, towns, villages in North East Ohio and Western Pennsylvania
    I went to 8 different school districts and I def have a regional dialect
  3. I have now lived in Kentucky for about 12 years
    I moved here for an externship, and haven't been able to get out
  4. I have degrees in Pastry Arts and Urban Geography.
    The pastry thing didn't pan out after I got to Kentucky
  5. I'm pursuing a masters in Urban Planning
    I want to develop affordable, quality, sustainable housing and communities for disenfranchised peoples
  6. My pets are an immortal black rabbit
    Isabella Stroganoff, we eat greens together
  7. And a mutt named Chiatama
    I have a li.st about her nicknames
  8. I'm a bit of a lazy witch
    I've always been lazy about ritual, ask my catholic grandparents
  9. I don't play any instruments
    So I tried to change that and bought a ukulele. Start small, I guess. It's going ok?
  10. @neilbrooks and I are long distance partners
    We've known each other since we were teens, awwww. He's heading this way soon.
  11. People tell me I look like...
    Here's me for reference
  12. Zooey Deschanel
    It's the bangs and eyes
  13. And Katy Perry
    I dunno.
  14. Being from Appalachia leaves me missing dense forests and mountains a lot
    So I go out hiking as much as possible. Trying to work in more camping too. That pic is my parents' backyard.
  15. One way to make me leave my house is to tell me there is a costume party
    Fuck yes I'll go to a last minute clown party. And those horns up there, I wear them as often as I can.
  16. Body positive
    I'm fat and I don't shave, and I own that shit
  17. Stevie Nicks is my style icon
    Hats and flowy layers 4 lyfe
  18. I collect rocks, crystals, bones, house plants
    Cliche. But I'm easy to gift to.
  19. Byyyeeeeee