Places I Want to Move to Escape My Crushing Student Loan Debt

I started this list a while ago, and wanted to talk about each place individually, but now I just want it out of my drafts 😄
  1. Costa Rica
    Central America may actually be too warm for me, but 99% renewable energy, waterfalls, and sloths? I think I could take the heat.
  2. Peru
    Ideal climate, amazing history, the beauty of the Andes.
  3. Morocco
    Specifically Tangier.
  4. Nepal
  5. Croatia
    Biodiversity and wicked strong coffee
  6. Greece
  7. Turkey
  8. Estonia
    The Baltics, baby.
  9. Romania
  10. Thialand
    Anytime I think of Thialand, I think of it in the Street Fighter 2 voice.
  11. Portugal
  12. Mongolia
  13. Indonesia
    Honestly, prolly way out of my theoretical price rance.
  14. Hell
    Seriously, just kill me.