1. "Baby," Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
    Rare steak, red wine, Oxycodone
  2. "Alfonso Muskendunder," Todd Terje
    Fusion Tapas. At a one-syllable restaurant with an open kitchen.
  3. "Death With Dignity," Sufjan Stevens
    salisbury steak with a side of peas, in a microwave tray. Or little gingerbread cookies
  4. "Fitzpleasure," Alt-J
    Bloody Mary
  5. "Thinking of You," Sister Sledge
    Cheesecake, or chocolate. Or just a Yoplait fruit-on-the-bottom. Which means commercials have succeeded in confusing indulgent eating with romance.
  6. "I Want To Grow Up," Colleen Green
    Oysters, caviar, truffles, brandy
  7. "Still Life," The Horrors
    Rain, as it falls from the sky
  8. "Full of Fire," The Knife
    Overripe persimmons, mangos
  9. "A Case of You," James Blake
    Nothing, for like three days.
  10. "For the Damaged Coda," Blonde Redhead
    A tub of cookie dough