1. Myself
  2. Myself, but dead and occupying an alternate paradigm of consciousness
  3. My own mom, but not actually my mom in real life
  4. A ghost that only the little girl in her family could see, and whose parents refuse to believe her
  5. An objective, non-intrusive observer of events
  6. One of the supporting characters in a Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright film (but not an actual one in real life)
  7. Middle-aged guy on a singles tour excursion
  8. The owner of a government-sponsored fashion company in a dystopian future-state
  9. A teenager in the future trying to pass his flying car exam, but was way too stoned to pass
  10. The other character in a buddy movie where I'm the victim of road rage and we both get arrested, but we eventually reconcile over the course of a series of convoluted events beginning with our handcuffed escape out the back of our police cruiser