In no particular order. That'd be like picking my favorite children, who belong to someone I've never met.
  1. Mystery Train
    In a lot of ways this episode exemplifies some of the best things about AT. Riffing on familiar storytelling devices, randomness, travelling physically around the world, Jake shape-changing a bunch. My fave part is when they sing "TO YOUUU" at the end. That's using an 11min slot wisely.
  2. Still
    Favorite Ice King episode. Plus, plenty of Gunther.
  3. I Remember You
    This is that other side of the show, the one where you realize there's real people writing something that they are extremely passionate about. Great stuff.
  4. Puhoy
    Evidence that this show can do pretty much whatever it wants. The madness of the world is consistent regardless of where it ends up though. Also great cameo from Wallace Shawn, aka The Sicilian from Princess Bride and Rex from Toy Story.
  5. Rattleballs
    Super solid episode. I love this one because it introduces that swordmaster archetype to the world.
  6. Dungeon Train
    This is one of many episodes that I think portray deeply psychological issues really clearly (others being "Ocean of Fear," "the Tower," "All the Little People"). Having a cartoon show introduce these elements as subjects is super healthy, and a great way to use the influence AT wields over its audience.
  7. Finn the Human/Jake the Dog
    My favorite finale. Partly because it opens up the possibilities of the world with Prismo and the Cosmic Owl, but it also surprises you with things like Finn's hero dying. Mostly though, the best part is the reminder that Jake is actually lost without Finn. Finn's strength is in his willpower, and that it's a very real force, just like any other magic demonstrated in the fantasy land of Oo.
  8. Marceline's Closet
    This is the funniest episode of the bunch, in my opinion. The situation is classic, and I've never laughed more at slapstick in any other situation.
  9. One Last Job
    I almost solely love this episode for Kristin Schaal's delivery of the last line, when Jake says "you're doing a long con right now, aren't you?" And she goes, "no.....yes...."
  10. Pit
    The one-liners in this are priceless. "Downward, dog!" "Mmm, grape-y!" "Took long enough for you to stretch out of that pit."
  11. Card Wars
    Such a great concept it got turned into an iphone game. Still, the app version isn't nearly as interactive as the one in this episode.
  12. We Fixed a Truck
    This is just a very colorful, visually appealing episode to look at. Plus, Weird Al.