In order of appearance
  1. My jacket
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    Thrown haphazardly on the back of a kitchen chair.
  2. The window next to me
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    Probably caught my attention because of the morning light streaming in.
  3. A mote of dust (not pictured)
    It floated into view, and my eyes crossed slightly as it passed by
  4. A spot on my jeans
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    Wish I could clean it, but I never know how frequently you're supposed to wash jeans, to keep them from fading and all. Better not just in case.
  5. My big toe
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    When was the last time I looked at this toe? Or any of my other toes for that matter? When was the last time I looked at somebody else's toe(s)?
  6. Two shitty lamps in my living room
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    They're right next to each other, and they're identically hideous. Who needs two identical lamps, right next to one another?
  7. My flashing wifi router
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    It's basically screaming for some eye-attention, from across the room.
  8. A hot-pink leopard print Kleenex box
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    In what location does this design ever make sense?
  9. Some bananas
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    Freshly bought, slightly bruised