1. You have tickets to an EDM show.
  2. Your friend is like, "we should do molly."
    You text your other friends, and everyone is like, "yes."
  3. You and your friends frantically search your networks for someone who can get it.
    Why don't I know any drug dealers? I don't want to, but also I do.
  4. Your friend let's you know it is all covered.
    Whew! Now I can relax...
  5. The connection falls through the night before!
    Oh no! Worst news ever. You panic for hours.
  6. You have to text your ex.
    So, random question...
  7. You get the pills!
    Success! This is going to happen.
  8. The day of the show is here!
    And you are so excited you think about it all day.
  9. You eat a big lunch and little to no dinner.
  10. You pre-game with your friends.
    But only get a little buzzed because you don't want to mess with the roll.
  11. You keep talking about when you will take it and how you can't wait to take it.
    What time should we drop? If we start at 10 and take another at 11:30...Wait how many are you doing?
  12. You take the pill!
    And you already think you feel it. You don't, but placebo effect is on.
  13. You worry about security at the door so you hide the rest of the pills under your balls (or in your bra).
  14. You go to the show.
    This is going to be the best night ever!
  15. You start coming up.
    I'm starting to feel it, are you?
  16. You are LIVING YOUR LIFE. And dancing.
    Everything is great! And hot, and cold.
  17. (Optional) You take your second pill!
    More! Happy! Love! Forever!
  18. Everyone is your friend.
    Hi, I love your shirt! We should hang out.
  19. The beat builds.
    Oh my god, the tension, the suspense, what will happen?
  20. The beat drops!
  21. Energy and dancing and lights and happy and full body orgasms and explosions.
  22. These steps repeat for 4 hours but it feels like 15 minutes.
    Also you dance with a crushed water bottle in your hands the whole time.
  23. The lights come up.
    But I don't wanna go!
  24. You go to your friend's house and talk about life and feelings.
    Seriously, I love you so much. You guys are my best friends ever.
  25. All of your responsibilities hit you at once!
    I need to go home and go to bed. Ahhh, I have so much to do tomorrow!
  26. You finally go home and get in bed.
    Bed feels soooo good. But I'm so lonely now.
  27. You listen to music and watch cool stuff and try to get tired.
    Am I still rolling? I don't think I am. I am.
  28. You try to sleep, and shiver in bed.
    I just remembered, I have responsibilities and life and stuff. Go to sleep!
  29. Your brain throws riddles at you and won't turn off until you solve them.
    They are impossible.
  30. You get up to pee at least 5 times.
    And it's soooo cold!
  31. It's morning, and even though you've been lying there for 6 hours, you don't know if you ever actually slept.
    My brain just never shut down.
  32. You get overly emotional while binge-watching New Girl.
  33. You have a zombie day on the couch in a blanket, eat a whole pizza, and watch TV.
  34. (Optional) The next day you hate everyone and everything.
  35. A few days later, you feel better.
  36. Your friend gets tickets to a music festival.
  37. You say to your friend, "we should do molly."