Mostly cheap things, purchased due to the novelty of being able to drink casually, and not even get carded!
  1. Celebratory bottle of cheap champagne on our first night (popped on the terrace)
  2. Vodka/pineapple and something with Bacardi that tasted like Mountain Dew
    Vodka/pineapple tasted a lot like dole whip
  3. Strong margarita from the bar downstairs
  4. Static
    The Spanish equivalent to mikes hard
  5. Static
    Pretty damn strong beer
  6. Static
    "Fruity, juicy, and more alcoholic [than a normal beer]. The surprising winner in a night of cheep 6 packs
  7. Pineapple Mojito at a gay bar
  8. Mai Thai
    Cool cause it had a sparkler in it, not really worth it tho, as it tasted like straight up kool aid
  9. Coke w/ vodka
    GROSSSS (but holy shit finally found something with my name on it)
  10. Tequila shots