Everyone, meet Roscoe, the little doll I'm holding, and more than that, a member of my family.
  1. A little background
    My mom acquired Roscoe 32 years ago. At the time she lived in New Jersey, she was dating a boy who worked at a consignment shop. One day she drove up to see him and he ran outside the shop with this weird doll someone had donated. My wonderful mother didn't find little Roscoe weird at all and immediately made him hers.
  2. This is Roscoe
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    Originally a plain "kewpie" doll his original owner decorated and dressed him to be a little punk rock caveman with pretty rad winged eyeliner.
  3. My Mom LOVES Roscoe
    Throughout college she kept him in her car, buckled up in the passenger seat. Any adventures that she went on he went on and eventually they moved out to California together. I like to picture her, age 25, driving across country with Roscoe, she thought she would stay for a few months, ended up never leaving.
  4. He's family
    Roscoe has just always been around. Despite the fact that he terrifies my brother and most of my friends (basically anyone who enters the home) he is family. Like my mom I'm not scared of him in the least and I've been promised he'll someday be mine (if I prove myself worthy of course)
  5. Thanks Bill!
    Very sorry is Roscoe scared you. But I promise he's the coolest dude around. Maybe I'll start a series of lists based around my new adventures wth him?