Written before the concert and then on the ride home. Watch as I go from cynical Bruce outsider to an official Bruce dad
  1. Take a shot every time I see someone wearing a Bruce shirt my dad owns
    At least 6 shots already and we've been here for about 10 minutes
  2. Take a shot for everyone in sensible new balance running shoes
    Dead from alcohol poisoning within minutes
  3. Take a shot for every person in ill fitting dad jeans
    Bonus points if it's not a dad
  4. Take a shot for every middle aged person solely here to relive the good old days and prove they "still got it"
    3 shots for the awesome woman who had a joint and a great leather jacket with cool fringe
  5. Take a shot for every person who isn't white
    Zero shots. Not even water. Die of dehydration.
  6. Take a shot for every person under the age of 20
    So far 2. Including myself
  7. Take a shot every time a person causally slips it into conversation that they're from Jersey
    Or every person who thinks they're a bigger fan entirely because they're from Jersey
  8. Take a shot for every person who flew to get here
    Or who's been to multiple shows from this tour
  9. Take a shot when you become best friends with 3 dads
    And stand around with them swapping stories of past concert adventures. They don't seem to notice that you're a 16 year old girl. Your own dad looks on jealously
  10. For the New York dad
    The one who went to the college you most want to go to. You don't need a shot after this one cause he actually made you feel very confident about your school choice and gave you lots of helpful college wisdom
  11. For the Asian dad
  12. For the dad who buys his 16 year old daughter a beer
    I'd take a shot, but know I have my hands full with a plastic cup of pabst blue ribbon
  13. Every time you thought Bruce was gonna sing but he told a story instead
    4 times- mostly about lost youth, some about parents, a few mentions of past loves
  14. Every time you couldn't believe Bruce was still going
    He played for almost 4 hours straight. Chug the bottle.