I'm a bit late to the game, but I finally finished binging this beautiful 60s shiz
  1. What the fuck happened to Sal
    You know, the gay one
  2. What the fuck happened to Peggy's cool friend
    You know, the maybe lesbian one
  3. Was Ginsberg ever ok
  4. Are Bobby and Gene being taken care of
    I don't trust politicians, Henry is no exception
  5. Do all the sorta mean girls Sally was friends with go shopping in the village after Betty's funeral
  6. Don doesn't get the kids? Right?
  8. Why the fuck did we get 3 scenes from Dawns personal life and then no other info
  9. How is having a fancy car gonna help the kid Don gives his car to in the second to last episode
    Like there's no way the kid even had gas money
  10. Is Stephanie ok? Is she ever happy? Is her kid ok?
  11. Why did Don care so much about Diana
    I really never gave a fuck
  12. Why didn't we get to see Dons new apartment
    You know it would have been cool
  13. Does Rodgers daughter ever go home???
  14. How many STDs does Don have by the end
  15. How long does it take Rodger and Marie to break up