Said by 3 Malibu moms as they waited for their kids to audition for the *Christian* schools music program
  1. "We like this school because it doesn't have gender neutral bathrooms"
  2. "Middle school is rough enough, you don't have to make it more confusing by teaching kids to be gay"
  3. "I wanted to move when I realized my tax dollars were paying for the trans bathrooms at LA schools"
  4. "UC Berkeley's health center gives out the most pregnancy tests of any UC, so my daughter isn't applying there"
  5. "At Berkeley they have parties where there are fishbowls just full of condoms"
  6. "Every single protester at Berkeley was smoking marijuana"
  7. *vague mutterings about what a pity all the protesting is*
  8. "We like this school because it's close enough that my daughter can still go to our church on Sundays"
  9. *at one point a mom took out her phone and started playing Christian rock music (without headphones)*
  10. "I'm only ok with my daughter going out of state if it's to Texas"
  11. "Teens who drink have no chance of redeeming their lives"
  12. Little did they know that the whole time a gay teenager with a condom in her purse was right around the corner taking in every word.