As in any good high school sitcom classes last about 2 minutes leaving whole episodes open for hallway hijinks. Victorious took it up a level at a school that apparently set aside plenty of time for students to customize their lockers
  1. Tori- 4/10
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    Cute enough but bland in comparison to the others (as is the personality of this protagonist when compared to her costars). The fact that stars actually light up keeps this locker from a rock bottom score, but the "make it shine" message is just too cheesy.
  2. Kat- 3/10
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    Surprisingly boring for such a quirky character. Then again I don't really know what her locker would have. Cat was always around to be random in her silly little girl voice, but what do we know about her as human? Who is the real Cat? What locker decorations define her?
  3. Sinjin- 5/10
    Covered in regurgitated food I find this locker revolting yet somehow endearing. I like Cat sinjin exists mainly for comic relief and we know little about him personally. The food reminds me of a mother bird spitting up food for her young. Maybe poor Sinjin is lacking a mother and this is an attempt to be his own mama bird
  4. Robby- 6/10
    Covered in baby bottle nipples from his own childhood this locker isn't the most glamorous, but it has a lot of heart. The fact that he held on to those for so long shows planning and organization, plus just take a look at how satisfyingly straight those rows are. And you have to imagine that it would be fun to run your hand up and down the locker door
  5. Rex- 6/10
    Technically part of Robby's locker this little mini compartment is fun just because of it's cute size. The decoration
  6. Beck- 9/10
    Obviously the coolest person one the whole show Beck's clear locker is simple, but not boring simple (looking at you Kat) plus if you look inside you'll see a paper labeled "haircut commandments" which is the only rules a bad boy like Beck should ever follow
  7. Jade- 7/10
    One would except nothing less from Jade than a locker covered in scissors. Not only is this great aesthetically but it wards of unwanted visitors, and will keep friends at bay so they don't see the stash of snacks you hide
  8. André- 10/10
    A keyboard that makes you play a certain song to open it. THERE IS NOTHING COOLER THAN A LOCKER WITH A BUILT IN WORKING KEYBOARD (ignore the stupid beach taking up most of this photo and focus on the beauty in the top left corner)
  9. Bonus
    For about half an episode Tori's locker is just a whiteboard that anyone can draw on. This is even dumber than her "make it shine" locker. 0/10