1. Workout montages
    Hello Rocky movies, Creed, G. I. Jane, Karate Kid, Batman Begins, Never Back Down, etc.
  2. Cooking montages
    Hello Chef, Burnt, Waitress, Julie & Julia, etc.
  3. Cinematography
    Hello any Wes Anderson movies, any Quentin Tarantino movies, Mad Max: Fury Road, etc.
  4. The scores and their vocals, if used
    Hello Lord of the Rings movies, the Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Batman movies, Pride and Prejudice, Hanna, Star Wars movies, Harry Potter movies, etc.
  5. The soundtrack
    Hello any Disney movie ever, Mamma Mia, Oh Brother Where Art Thou?, etc.
  6. Really attractive people I can pretend to live in the same world with for a couple of hours