Actors I would like to work with

If for some reason I got to be cool enough to act with/write/produce for them
  1. Julia Roberts
  2. Sigourney Weaver
    I have a feeling she'd be so poise, but hilarious. We could maybe do a voice over together.
  3. Cate Blanchett
    Again, obviously
  4. Mindy Kailing
    Again, again, obviously
  5. Jesse Eisenberg
    After Social Network I just felt this to be true
  6. Nicolas Cage
    Basically I just wanna make National Treasure 3
  7. Tom Hanks
    America's Sweetheart, what can I say?
  8. Anne Hathaway
    K I know a lot of people are annoyed by her, but I'll always love her because of Princess Diaries
  9. Oscar Isaac
    Need I say more?
  10. Tina Fey
  11. Rachel Bloom
    She's going places for sure and I'd like a front row seat pls.
  12. Gina Rodriguez
    I can and I will. Bless you, sunshine.
  13. Steve Carrell
    I bet he's so smart that it's scary to be around him on set in some weird way. Love it.
  14. Andy Samberg
    B99 looks so fun and I'm so jealous.
  15. John Boyega
    He seems great to be around on set. Like someone who just wants to be your friend. And he's talented. Double win.
  16. Kyle Chandler
    He's so talented in everything I've seen him in. And he's supposed to be really nice? What a good deal.
  17. Meryl Streep
  18. Ryan Gosling
    Talented and he loves Disneyland? Sign me up.
  19. Mark Ruffalo
    We can talk about the environment and art at the same time
  20. Matt Damon
    I wanna help him escape space once again somehow.
  21. Jennifer Garner
    I bet she's like the mom I never had.
  22. Julianne Moore
    See above
  23. Viola Davis
    I would probably be blown away if I saw her performance IRL
  24. Sandra Bullock
    I just wanna talk about Austin with her. I bet she's so nice to everyone on set
  25. Barbara Streisand
    I just want to hear her sing IRL.
  26. Michael Fassbender
    He just gets better and better and I bet it'd be an honor to work with him.
  27. Bill Hader
    I bet he's so funny and kind to work with that it makes your stomach sick
  28. Kristen Wiig
    Literal duh
  29. Melissa McCarthy
    Again, duh
  30. Thomas Middleditch
    His Instagram explains it all
  31. Kumail Nanjiani
    His Twitter explains it all
  32. Julia Louis-Dreyfus
    It'd be an honor
  33. Jason Segel
    I don't know him, but I trust him
  34. Elizabeth Banks
    I bet she's the best co-worker
  35. Darren Criss
    I'm basing this off of AVPM
  36. Queen Latifah
    Her name says it all. It'd be an honor to work with the queen.
  37. Seth Rogan
    I bet working with him is chill af
  38. Stephan Colbert
    Similar to my Steven Carrell comment.
  39. Lin-Manuel Miranda
    I'd cry to the in the presence of such genius.
  40. Chris Evans
    I don't know him, but I trust him.