1. The man at Dairy Queen that gave me a free medium blizzard
  2. Watching babies walk in the snow for the first time
  3. A woman who told me her struggle and survival with cancer on a plane
  4. An old friend that I reconnected with
  5. Finding an extra French fry at the bottom of the bag
  6. People that have brought me surprise donuts
  7. Laughing so much that I've cried
  8. Or the opposite where I cry so much and then feel joy and connection in the warmth of someone's arms
  9. Hearing Christmas carols
  10. Eating a burger after a long day
  11. Learning a piece of clothing is on sale at the register
  12. Forehead kisses
  13. Coming home to a happy and loyal dog
  14. Watching tv with a cat
  15. Meaningful texts at 1 A.M.
  16. Holding a cat when it is shaking
  17. Finding $5 in my pocket
  18. Hearing live music in a classic venue
  19. Drinking a good cup of coffee
  20. Knowing all the lyrics to a song I haven't heard in yesrs
  21. Receiving a hug at the airport after getting off a plane