On my first real solo adventure! This is what I've learned thus far. Would love to hear what you've learned/thought of as well from your solo trip(s).
  1. You don't have to follow anyone's schedule
    Wanna sleep until 2? Do it. Wanna wake up at 8? Do it. Basically you do whatever you need and want.
  2. You don't have to worry about splitting the check
    And you can eat when and wherever you want to.
  3. You get to make new friends
    (Since ya gotta ask for help, you know no one, etc.) I've made 4 new ones so far.
  4. You can get lost on your own and discover awesome locations that you may have missed if you were with someone
    Went on an accidental hike by myself. Found this viewpoint of Portland. I think when you're by yourself you learn to notice everything a little bit more.
  5. You learn how to handle yourself in sticky situations
    I.e. People downtown and making sure you are on the right bus.
  6. You learn that you are capable of A LOT
    I learned I can navigate a map really well and that I rock the Portland transit system. They even have underground parts at times!
  7. You learn people have a lot of respect and wanna talk to you (if you are polite, kind, and positive) if you mention you are traveling alone in a store or restaurant.
    People are more friendly than the media gives credit. Also, the amount of people I've heard that wanted to travel young amazes me so you get out there and travel the globe.
  8. It can get lonely at times, but you learn what you love, when you need to slow down, and remember that you are pretty awesome.
    Exhibit A: me finding willow trees as I hiked through the woods for a bit and me realizing YEAH I DO WANNA HIKE. Be kind to yourself, and like I said, travel the world.