Reasons I'll miss University of Texas

I grew up in California all my life and then moved to Austin, TX for college. I've had the time of my life here. Longhorns & Texas forever~
  1. The first taste of freedom as an adult
  2. How bizarre and wonderful and amazing the love for football is.
  3. Views from the corner of where I spent two years studying film and television
  4. The people who live up to the southern hospitality stereotype
  5. The Union for always supporting me during my lack of motivation to study at 1 A.M.
  6. The city of Austin in general (especially the sunsets here)
  7. My apartment that I've called home during my time here (and my roommates)
  8. The students and professors that have taught me more than this list can say
  9. Film school shenanigans
  10. Exploring downtown/6th street on the weekend
  11. All the free things and discounts I got with my student ID
  12. Guest speakers and festivals that remind me I had an amazing opportunity and that I can succeeded as a writer in the film/tv industry
  13. The walks to school (and the crazy, crowded buses)
  14. And above all the spirit of UT for giving me the tools and possibility for me to become the best me possible, and for letting me realize I am awesome and that it's okay to love myself during the crazy times of becoming an adult.