My friends and I were talking about how we want a Purge movie just about misdemeanors. Here's some stuff we came up with.
  1. A man parking in front of a fire hydrant.
  2. Literally everyone parking wherever they want
  3. Someone stealing all the clearance items
  4. Everyone jaywalking
  5. Someone sticking gum under every table
  6. People blasting music super loudly in an apartment
  7. People running through public parks after they "close"
  8. People taking legitimate medical meds they need so they don't have to worry about a copay or insurance
  9. Someone leaking a new album a month before it's released
  10. People taking all the plane tickets for free
  11. Someone crashing a penthouse for the night that they could never afford
  12. Someone taking all the groceries so they are good for the month
  13. Someone taking advantage of free IKEA furniture
  14. Little kids sneaking into a R rated movie