We've started IVF, and it's better than being terrified about infertility but not by much. This is the new nightly routine.
  1. Wash hands
  2. Clean tops of vials with alcohol pads
  3. Inject pre-filled needle into Gonal-f. Swirl and set aside.
  4. Take smaller needle and withdraw 300 of the Gonal-f. Put the rest in the fridge.
  5. Inject Gonal-f into the Menopur. Swirl. Cap and toss needle.
  6. Take big needle and take 1/2 cc of air in. Inject that into the sodium chloride. Leave needle in vial, turn upside down, and pull out 1/2 a cc of fluid.
  7. Inject that fluid into the Menopur. Leave needle in, turn upside down, and pull the plunger to remove all the fluid. Remove needle from vial and recap.
  8. Remove big needle and replace with insulin needle head. Recap needle.
  9. Before injection, clean injection site with alcohol pad. Thump site to numb.
  10. Uncap needle, push plunger to release a single drop.
  11. Inject fluid mixture into this lady.
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  12. Cover site with cotton or tissue.
  13. Fetch post-shot treats and shower praise.
  14. 😂😂😂😂💸💸💸💊💊💉🔬💆🏻👪