In my 14 or so trips to Walt Disney World, I have picked up a few things about the parks that might help you on your vacation.
  1. Plan indoor activities between 4 and 6PM
    When you think of Florida, you think heat, right? And with heat, comes thunderstorms. The thing I noticed, though, is that the storms almost always come between 4:00 and 6:00 in the evening. It might be a good idea to plan a show or dinner for that time. Storms usually lat about a half hour.
  2. Public Transportation is your best friend
    If you are a Walt Disney World hotel guest, then you have multiple forms of transport available to you, including buses, boats, and monorails, depending on where you are staying. Using public transport is usually the best way to get around because it takes the stress of driving around off yourself and you don't have to pay for parking.
  3. Hidden opportunities lie around every corner
    All around the resort, there are secret opportunities waiting for guests. Some that have happened to me included being in a parade, opening Casey's corner in Magic Kingdom, Getting special fastpass opportunities, etc. In most cases, though, you have to be in the right place at the right time, but you never know when you'll get lucky!
  4. Staying on property has it's benefits
    I touched on this earlier, but now I'm going to expand on it. When staying on Walt Disney World property, there is a few good benefits that are exclusive to hotel guests. These include Public transport (as I said earlier.), the use of Extra Magic Hours (these are times either in early morning or late night that the park is closed to everyone other then WDW hotel guests), and advanced booking of the Fastpass+ system.