Group chats are a blessing in disguise. Here's why:
  1. It's like having all of your friends in your pocket, wherever you go. That means running commentary on everything that happens.
  2. Plus you get to narrate the day's events to a captive audience - is this a movie or real life? Both? Who knows!
  3. They're perfect for bonding with any members of the #squad you barely know. Like/reply and boom, friendship.
  4. Gif swap! It's 2015. Almost every other reply is going to include a gif or an emoji. Adopt those for your own use.
  5. Making plans was never easier, and everyone's invited. Hooray for convenience and inclusivity!
  6. Want those group photos from last night? Together you and the crew can peer pressure your lazy friend into sharing them.
  7. Inside jokes. 'nuff said.